Inspiration Wall


Hi again.

Before I begin delving into this post, I give credit to Kalyn Nicholson, one of my favourite Youtubers as one of her latest videos inspired me to create an inspiration wall above my desk in my room.

I am super happy with my wall as I am one who is always changing my surroundings, either reorganizing, planning new goals or completely redecorating and with it now being fall which I am so so excited about, I created a wall that visually displayed my goals, inspiring quotes and pictures and fall related images.

This is not only motivational to visually see goals and inspiration while working at your desk, but it is fun as the seasons change, goals change and I become more inspired over time, then I can swap images for new ones and create a whole new setting whenever I need.


The best places that I found images that I wanted was on We Heart It and Pinterest. I found quotes on google and printed everything I wanted, cut and taped and created this display that I am super happy with. I do want to add many more images though, I have this idea in my head that I want the majority of the wall to be covered so over time I will add more.

I always had fairy lights strung above my desk but it looks a lot better the way I have hung them this time, connecting from one wall to the other and amongst the images I have displayed.


I hope this post has inspired you to create something visual with images you love either it be to motivate you when working or just creating a cozy setting within your room. Let me know in the comments if you have tried this out or are going to.

See you soon!

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