My Fall Entertainment Recommendations

Hi again

If you are looking for some books, movies or Youtube channels to watch or read this Fall season, then continue reading as I have decided to share a variety of entertainment options that I have been recently enjoying and which I think are fitting for this time of year.

I should create some rules to really encourage you to get into the spirit for Fall, Halloween and cooler weather if you are not already. You know, the typical, if you are going to read a book you must make a warm tea or hot chocolate with a pumpkin related snack. Or if you are going to watch Youtober (I recommend below), then you must be wearing the most cozy, festive clothing. Let me know some of your must haves in order to feel the cozy and festive vibes this October and winter season.




So first things first, I am a huge Youtube fan and I have my regular Youtubers who I am subscribed to and follow their videos for years now. So my first Fall entertainment recommendation is Kalyn Nicholson’s Youtube channel as this year she is doing a Youtober, meaning she uploads a video every day for the month of October and are Fall related and really cures my festive vibes and cravings. She is motivational, inspirational and her Youtober is a daily excitement as I always look forward to coming home after work and getting into comfortable clothing with a Swiss Miss hot chocolate and heaping whip cream. I do not know what is much better than that.

Zoella is another Youtuber who I really recommend watching and I have also been watching for years. She is not doing a Youtober like Kalyn (however she does do Vlogmas, so just get ready for that because it is the best thing ever in December). However for Fall, Zoe is always festive and her vlogs and main channel videos really provide that cozy, seasonal atmosphere which I thoroughly enjoy. Her latest video upload has been halloween shopping and decorating so it is good entertainment for this time of year.




As for book recommendations, I have recently uploaded my October TBR so I would encourage you to check that out and is where I share all the books I want to read before December rolls around. A few of those books I have now finished reading since uploading that blog post and here is what I recommend if you are looking for something to read this month that fits with the mystical, slightly dark, engulfing story line. First, Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King. Prior warning, this book is a very large one and obviously being written by Stephen King himself, I assume it is going to be dark and creepy as I have yet to read this one. Hoping to dig into it later this month.

My second recommendation, The Court of Thorns series. I recently finished the third book in the series and I loved it. I loved the character development and really got attached within the love triangles and enjoyed the atmospherics of the invented lands and powers. I went into depth on this series in a past post so if this is starting to interest you, maybe check out my last blog post on the series. It was the perfect amount of dark and cozy feels for this time of year and paired really well with hot chocolate and snacks, not gonna lie.

Lastly, if you are looking for something that makes your skin crawl a little and is an interesting story line, I recommend Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake. It is a series and I am currently reading the first book. To be honest, I am really enjoying this book but I don’t think I will continue with the series. However, as soon as I started reading it made my skin crawl, my facial expression scrunch up and eek a little. If you like the sound of that, especially for this time of year, definitely pick it up.



Today I watched Hocus Pocus for the first time and I can’t believe I havent seen it before until this date but of course I am recommending it. It hits the Halloween and Fall vibes perfectly and had me feeling so cozy and laughing through it all.

A story line that is more dark but still a classic is Dracula Untold which I really enjoyed and is a good movie to watch closer to Halloween.

I also tend to watch the Final Destination series this time of year. I don’t know how but this became somewhat of a tradition for October.

Tonight I am planning to watch All Hallows Eve which looks more along the vibe of Hocus Pocus, it has the halloween and cozy vibes but a light entertainment. Movies are perfect to even just leave on in the background of doing daily chores and feeling festive throughout these next months.




Lastly the TV show that I have been watching a lot is actually on the food channel and is Halloween Wars. It focuses on baking challenges and competitions but all Halloween related, obviously. It is not only incredible what the bakers create but the overall atmosphere on the show is entertaining, festive and humorous.

I hope these entertainment recommendations really put you into the Fall vibes and are enjoying October thus far.

Talk soon.

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