My Spin Class Experience

Hi again

So I would say about almost two months ago I joined a small, local spin studio to try out a class. Some people at my work were doing the spin classes for a little while and really recommended I go and try it. If you have been reading my blog for awhile now you may remember me talking about a goal of mine was to become more involved within fitness classes and trying new forms of fitness, and if you do remember reading that post, then wow, thank you! But yes, I really wanted to join some classes however studios offering classes were always so expensive or required a membership from the start or were just not making me feel the most comfortable attending, other than some yoga classes I attended in University with one of my friends. Therefore I never went to any until this spin studio.

It is a small, local studio within Bermuda where I live and began by a man who is an underwriter in an insurance company but had a passion for fitness, specifically spinning. He started to teach classes on the side and then expanded to his own studio which is where I now attend at least 3 times a week. The class can hold up to 13 people including the instructor and is $10 per class or you can pay I think $160 per month.

I am now obsessed with taking his classes and spinning in his studio and it has actually become something I look forward to during the week. It makes me feel amazing after every class and the morning classes begin at 6:15am which means I wake up at 5:40am to make the class and as tired as I feel in the morning, I force myself to go because of that feeling I know I will have after the class is over. The classes last for 45 minutes and I always leave a sweaty mess but actually so energized and motivated. It is the perfect way to start my day.

The most important parts of the class that causes me to really enjoy it and become so committed are the loud music which one keeps you going, creates a fun setting and avoids everyone hearing each other struggling to breath haha. The fact that the instructor is very in tune to everyone attending, he can sense when we are at our limits or if we need to be pushed harder but never gets in our face or singles one person out. He encourages to spin at your own pace but also to push yourself to get in that good workout. It is not an intimidating setting at all. Possibly the way the bikes are set up or just that the people there are really nice and clearly there to workout and nothing else. Which to be honest, feeling unconfident or nervous doing fitness in gyms or attending classes seems to be a struggle that many people face. But if we really think about it, majority of the time, everyone there are focused on themselves and do not just go to focus on you, so the pressure is caused within ourselves.

If you are new to spinning, I would recommend beginner classes however if you are already quite fit, meaning you run or do other forms of fitness throughout the week, then I feel spin classes will just be an additional workout and nothing too severe for you. I was nervous starting because I tried a spin bike in the gym at my university and honestly I couldn’t believe people took spin classes for 45 minutes when I couldn’t even pedal this bike on my own for 5 minutes without physically dying. However the first class I attended at this spin studio I managed the full 45 minutes and did feel like I pushed myself but never where I felt I couldn’t do it any longer. The music and the inspiration from the instructor is what I thank for that.

Spinning however is a more aggressive form of working out. It is quite targeted on the lower body however do not think you won’t workout your upper body either, as my arms hurt after the classes from moving to the different positions on the bike and my abs are becoming more defined so clearly eating right and the workouts I am doing are showing progress for my body. You will see results when you commit to spinning, I definitely have. As I said, it is a targeted workout, it is one that keeps your heart rate high for the entire time and you will sweat a lot which are all very good for fat burning and muscle building.

I also want to mention, I had a fear of starting spin classes as they target the lower body and I thought that meant my thighs would become very muscular and this is definitely not what I wanted. But this isn’t true. My legs have become more toned, not bigger and everyone else including the instructor are not huge on their bottom halves so clearly this was an inaccurate thought on my behalf, so do not let your own thinking deter you away from a really great workout.

As for gear, I wear regular workout bottoms and sneakers, however proper spin shoes are available as well as cycling pants which provide more padding as your butt can be quite sore in the beginning. I would really just listen to your body. If you feel your hurting in certain places, focus on your position on the bike, the settings of your bike and maybe consider proper spin gear.

To sum my experience up, spinning has become a huge part of my week as I really have fallen in love with this studio, the people and the fact that it is an incredible workout.

If you have any questions about classes, spinning, fitness tips, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

Talk again soon.

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