Fall Bucket List


Hi again,

Welcome to a Fall bucket list. Lets just jump right in:


  1. Baking pumpkin treats



Having canned puree pumpkin in my pantry has become a must around this time of year.

When your kitchen smells as good as a pumpkin, cinnamon candle, you know you are doing something good. I tend to want a lot more hot drinks this time of year and a slice of a pumpkin loaf on the side is the perfect pair. I actually baked a chocolate chip pumpkin loaf today and its so yum.





2. Hot Chocolate

This only seemed right to talk about hot beverages after pumpkin baking. A large mug of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, whip cream, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice is my ultimate comfort. Nothing can beat a warm, chocolate beverage when the weather gets cooler and your tucked in a sweater and blankets reading a really good book or watching a halloween movie.



3. Increase your reading

As you may already know if you read my October TBR post, I have plans to read 10 books before December and I am already off to a really great start. I tend to read so much more in these next few months than I do in the entire year, and apparently this is similar to most others. Put on some cozy clothes, grab some snacks, a warm blanket and a really good book and just enjoy the Fall festive and comfort.


4. Watch Halloween Movies

Watch all of your favourite halloween movies, the classics, have a Harry Potter marathon which seems like a lot of people do…whatever gets you into the Fall/Halloween mood. I just watched Hocus Pocus and if you don’t know where to start, start with that. It had me laughing and in the festive spirit all at once.

5. Begin collecting your Fall wardrobe

Either pull out all of your last year’s sweaters and boots or go out on a little shopping spree and make your Fall wardrobe cozy, warm, festive and just everything you will want to jump into when the weather is cool, you are craving a hot chocolate and book or a walkabout in the falling leaves. Sweater weather is here!


6. Light more candles and fairy lights

Essentially, decorate your living space for Fall, and candles I always argue are a must!


Talk again soon.




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