The Feels

Hey again

So I think I will start off by saying this post is something very different than what I normally create and I think its going to be something like a remix of a favourites post. Pretty much a mix and match of videos, pictures and inspiration that have been giving me really good feels this last week.

I don’t want this post to come across as promoting or grabbing from other creators content, but simply a post that sums up a cozy and inspiring feeling that just shares how I feel and how I am being motivated recently.

Motivation, Organization, Projects

I really would like to start with the video that is apart of Kalyn Nicholson’s Youtober series which I have talked about briefly in a recent blog post. I am one of those people who collect notebooks for sometimes the most specific, random purposes but mostly because a new notebook to use for a new motivating idea is just one of the happiest feelings for me. I love stationary and I love new projects, so this video really hit home and has gotten me very excited to buy more notebooks on my upcoming vacation and using them for various ideas and projects.

Watch a little of this video and I promise you will start thinking and planning the next project or idea to put your time and energy into.

Clothing, Comfort, Shopping

Continuing to dive into the Fall, Halloween atmosphere, I am very excited for next week, where I will be travelling to the US with my family and just getting away from everything by staying in a cabin in the mountains and embracing my thoughts, ideas and relaxing to the maximum. But also even more exciting, I have a list of things I want to shop for like stocking up on sweaters, slippers, skin care and just everything cozy and festive for the seasons.

I do not shop often so when I do, I go all out and get very excited about it.

I am thinking of sharing a post once I get a bunch of purchases and really embrace the cozy, fall feels then.



Halloween, Pumpkins, Baking, Festive

I am also excited to just embrace the remaining October before Halloween and when Fall festivities are at its peak. I plan to watch many more festive movies and continue through my reading list and enjoy more baking and yummy foods.

As you can see I am really getting the feels by embracing the seasons excitement and traditions like baking and Halloween movies and also excited for changing up my wardrobe and diving into new projects.

Share with me some things you are excited for or how you are making the most out of this exciting time of the year.

Bye for now.

(P.S. Get excited for some Tennessee, spending time in a cabin in the mountains inspired blog posts.)

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