A Cabin in the Mountains

Hi again

As promised I am here with a post about my recent getaway to Tennessee. My family and I stayed in a cabin in the mountains for one week and we were a 30 minute drive away from the nearest city. Being situated in the middle of the mountains means the view was breathtaking. Behind the cabin was a thick brush of woods, filled with wildlife and looking over the front balcony was the amazing mountain views. It was the perfect spot for a getaway and a clearing of the mind which was exactly what I needed.

I thought I would share a few pictures I took on the trip and try to create a setting that you can clearly visualize and hopefully my post can be a sense of a getaway for you too! Let me know if you have stayed in the mountains or woods before and if so where to?

These are a few pictures of what it looked like driving from the cabin. As you can see, we were surrounded by thick forests and it was so beautiful watching the leaves change for the season. Vibrant orange, yellow and red leaves were falling and the air was crisp for the first few days but warmed up near the ending of the week.


Our cabin was three stories tall and my bedroom was on the top floor and I guess could be described as a loft. It was amazing! I had my own balcony overlooking the forest where I would watch chipmunks and squirrels dart in the leaves and the occasional bear and deer prints could be seen in the dirt. Then to my left straight out over the cabin was the beautiful mountains and valley view which was the perfect image to wake up to everyday. Breathtaking views, clean, forest air and the only sounds were the small wildlife, birds and occasional church bell sounds that travelled through the mountains. Safe to say it was peaceful and perfect.

However my favourite part of the cabin was the main living space which was super cozy with a fireplace and glass windows and doors on every wall, therefore literally letting the views right in.


Here was the view from my bedroom:


The trip itself was spent shopping, sightseeing and going to a famous Smoky National Park which has a loop to drive around in the middle of the forest and mountains and takes about two hours to get through. (Cades Cove in case you were interested.) Because you are smack dab in the middle of the wilderness, the wildlife is endless and look what we saw…


That was the highlight of the trip in my opinion. As you can see we spotted a mama black bear and her three cubs who were feeding on a walnut tree. We were a safe distance away for ourselves and the bears and rangers were nearby to ensure the situation remained safe. It was an amazing experience, especially for people like my family who live on a small tropical island and never see wildlife like bears or deers. The most wildlife we see are chickens and fish haha.

It was an amazing vacation and I enjoyed Starbucks seasonal coffees and hot chocolates on the balcony, relaxing in a Jacuzzi tub looking over the view and watching wildlife. And even more so, getting a break from work, social media and being able to do what I wanted in order to relax.

I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to suggest anything more you may want me to talk about and share your own experiences. I would love to hear them.


Be back soon.

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