December Care Package for You


Now I am not sure if I have just made up something here or if I am just realizing late that this is something I should be doing every December. This came about when I began getting super excited for Christmas (like right after Halloween ended) and wanted to go all out in preparing for the festivities and cozy feels that come with this time of year. I decided that I wanted to treat myself and get everything I may need to experience the entire December and time leading up to Christmas experience at its fullest.

So I recommend to you, to also do what I am doing and begin creating a December care package for yourself. Grab a basket, box or purchase things over time like I currently am doing and put together things that will make you happy, keep you busy and enjoying what December has in store.













Here are my tips for what to purchase and include in your package, as these are some things I have purchased for mine and love. I definitely think I will do this every year from now on and add and change as I grow older.

A Christmas puzzle

When I was younger, I don’t remember doing many puzzles because I was too impatient for how long they can take, but now that I am older, I find I am enjoying something that will keep me busy and I can work on a little bit every night if I wanted to. So I ordered a Christmas puzzle and have been loving it. It is a 1000 piece; therefore it definitely will keep me busy for a few weeks I think.

This is the puzzle I am currently working on.

Hot chocolate and Festive mug

Now this is a must! You can also include tea or types of coffee but having a Christmas mug that you go to for the season to sit down and enjoy a warm beverage goes hand in hand with most other activities which leads me into my next purchase.




I read so much more this time of year. I don’t know if it’s the weather getting colder and the thought of being under a warm blanket with a warm beverage, makes for the perfect atmosphere to read a good book but I think you should take a trip to your nearest bookstore if you do not currently have a good read.  I am going to start the series Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas soon but am currently reading A Wrinkle in Time which I am enjoying so far. I may do a recently read post to share the books I have been enjoying lately.



Christmas movies

If you already have DVD’s of the Christmas classic movies or at least your favorites then include those in your package. If not I would suggest making a list of the films you want to watch that are on Netflix or on your TV guide. I have actually created a Christmas movie bucket list this year which I plan to share with you all but including movies in your package is a must.


Reading socks

I say reading socks, but any fluffy socks will do. Buy some new ones that you love or pull out your old, trusty pair and after work when you are settling down for the evening, enjoy a warm bath and then keep warm with your cozy socks, maybe while reading or watching your Christmas movie!



Sorry, I know I am not helping with the keeping fit and healthy during the holidays but everything in moderation is fine. Purchase your favorite holiday chocolates and keep them in your package for days you want them. I am planning to get either the quality street tin of chocolates or the roses tin to keep in my living room. I find while doing my puzzle I am wanting something sweet or especially while watching a Christmas film.


Candles or Christmas scents

I have a candle in every corner of my room this time of year especially. I love the festive scents and having a lit candle nearby really sets for the perfect atmosphere while doing work or reading. Also, I love the decorative jars and I am planning to remove all of the wax and reuse the jars that I really love. I have seen some cool ideas with putting plants inside the jars, fairy lights or even just as a container to store things.


Scarf and Boots

I have included these because I love dressing up all cozy when going into Town for purchasing gifts or running errands. It’s this time of year that just makes everything so much more enjoyable because I love the winter fashion and to throw on my favorite scarf and feel great in boots, it’s just part of the experience isn’t it?


Let me know if I am missing any other must haves or maybe what you always tend to purchase or enjoy around the holidays. I would love to know!


See you soon.

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