Decorating for Christmas

How do you like to decorate for Christmas?

I am one of those people, when I decide to do something like decorate the tree or begin a new project, I have to make sure my entire setting and timing is dedicated to whatever I am doing. In other words I like to go all out.

In saying this, when I decorate for Christmas I love to put on a cozy jumper and I tend to always be in fluffy socks this time of year. I put classic Christmas music on in the background, blasting throughout the house and my mom and I will sometimes make a hot chocolate or some type of warm beverage to have while turning our house into a sparkling, festive display.

Even right now while writing this blog post, I have all my fairy lights turned on, a cozy jumper on, The Grinch movie playing in the background and a cup of coffee that has now gone cold.

Now when I am home, especially in the evening times, I turn on the Christmas tree lights, the fireplace lights and all the fairy lights throughout the house and can properly feel festive and cozy while either reading a book or watching a Christmas movie and it really is the best thing and what I wait for all year.








Hope you are all having a wonderful lead up to Christmas so far.


See you soon.

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