A Day in My Life: What did I learn

Good evening 🙂

I have been thinking for a few days now that I am interested in trying out posts summarizing my day and what I have done, I guess ‘a day in my life’ as is the title for this post. I think especially with the holidays near and good opportunities arising for myself, it would be nice to document my days. I definitely am doing this out of personal satisfaction as I am not sure others may be interested in these kinds of posts, but maybe let me know in the comments what you think?

This week I officially finished my job position at the Royal Palms Hotel in Bermuda. I had applied for a different career path and thankfully was successful in anchoring it, therefore put in my notice at the hotel and now I have officially completed that stage in my career. I begin my new job at a Recruitment Company in the New Year and I am so very excited and happy.

Therefore being as I am technically on holiday until the new year, I have had morning lie ins and lots of time to myself which is great.

This morning I was woken up a little earlier by my puppy who is very intrigued by my new purchase, a little guinea pig which I named him Gizmo. Needless to say, my dog is quite confused by a new creature in our house, and is especially annoyed that the guinea pig is in a cage and won’t come out to play.

The majority of my day was spent, reading, cooking, working on my Christmas puzzle and I managed to watch Narnia. I am slowly making my way through the list of movies I have made to watch before the New Year.

This evening however was spent at a pretty exciting event held by my new job which I was able to attend and help out, almost like a pre-training opportunity. It was great to feel a part of the team already and getting a taste of what I will be doing when I begin was so encouraging as I left feeling I am finally in the right place for me. I am moving closer to a career path that is meant for me and I am feeling very happy.

Tonight we had four industry role models speak on a structured panel to an audience of students and recent graduates, all seeking career opportunities. These panelists ranged from an accountant, to an HR consultant, to a baker and a professional cricket player. This variety was so amazing to see and to chat with these individuals was inspiring and informative.

What I learned tonight:

Even the most successful people are unsure of what they want to be in life.

Changing career paths numerous times is normal and actually really common, so don’t panic.

Do and try anything and everything. It may not seem relevant now, but all job opportunities give you that experience and transferable skill that you didn’t have before. You never know when something at the time seems so random but becomes so useful in the future.

I am so excited to start this new job. I am now able to help people through their career journey’s which can seem so scary and discouraging as it did for me for a very long time. Today was a good day,

Finishing it off with a lit holiday candle, this blog post, my guinea wrapped in a blanket in my lap and 8tracks.

Have a great night everyone. (Also I cannot believe Christmas is so near!)

See you soon.




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