Day in My Life: Planning

Hello everyone

Three more days until Christmas. That is unbelievable how fast December is moving by.

Majority of my morning was spent doing last minute wrapping of gifts. I made a good old coffee, put on the Polar Express and got to wrapping. My best friend’s birthday is this month also so I have been busy working on something for her as well as getting Christmas things completed. It has definitely been a busy past few days but all fun and festive so I cannot complain.

I also managed to clean up my guinea pig’s cage and work more on my Christmas puzzle and I am really enjoying this feeling of being productive on my days off. Lately as soon as I wake up, I get myself ready for the day, even if I know I am staying home, I put comfy clothes on other than pyjamas just to get myself into a productive headspace from the start. It seems to be working.

Another thing I have been thinking about lately is New Years goals and planning for 2018. For those of you who don’t already know, I am a big planner, I love organizing myself and setting new projects and goals, so New Year planning is right up my alley. My friend comes home tomorrow from University and we for sure will be meeting up and at some point having a little planning session. Who else really enjoys planning and gets genuinely excited?

If you don’t currently plan or have some process of organizing yourself but would like to, I would start by purchasing a planner that you really like and can see yourself using. A new planner and stationary is always a big motivator for me. Then just begin by envisioning where you want to be or what you want to be doing and write down steps to get there and focus on these over the New Year, or even start now. Large bookstores are normally a great place to get a good planner or ordering one online.

Later on in my day I just spent time with my parents and we all went to see a ‘Festival of Lights’ organized for Charity and was held at a Botanical Garden where the gardens were decorated with Christmas light displays. Being surrounded by Christmas Lights always makes things feel magical and seeing families and children playing in the gardens was really sweet to watch. We then did our traditional drive around to different neighbourhoods to see the light displays and decorations on the houses. It isn’t Christmastime until we do family traditions right? What are some of your traditions? Driving to see Christmas Lights and decorating the tree while drinking hot chocolate is definitely my families.

I was super happy when I woke up and the weather was a lot cooler today. I actually got to pull out my boots and coat for the Festival of Lights.

Thats all for today!

See you again soon.



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