Day in My Life: Baking and Hustle-Bustle

Good evening everyone

We are another day closer to Christmas, I cannot believe tomorrow will be Christmas Eve.

Today was spent doing a lot of the last minute, running around things before the big day. My dad and I made our way into Town where we experienced the exciting yet frantic race amongst everyone else carrying out their last minute tasks also. I have to admit, as busy and stressful as it can be, with shops jammed pack and traffic backed up, it really is the perfect way to get into the spirit and realize that Christmas is truly near. Shops are playing Christmas songs, decorations are hung and everyone is carrying bags upon bags, either their final gift shopping or food for their feasts.

I picked up a few different types of chocolates to have in our living room while over the next few days we watch movies and spend time with family and friends, we will have a good range of chocolates to enjoy. This year I did not purchase quality street which I am not sure why to be honest, but I did get Heroes, Terry’s chocolate orange variety and Toblerone variety chocolates. I think that is a good mix even without the traditional quality street.

After our trip into Town, I came home and did some baking, managing to tick off another thing on my Christmas bucket list. I made the classic sugar cookie recipe but put chocolate kisses in the centre. I know these are quite common but I have never made them but have always wanted to. Needless to say, I have already ate far too many!

Tonight I have been napping, watching A Christmas Vacation with my family and tucked up on the couch reading Tanya’s Christmas written by the YouTuber, Tanya Burr. I bought this book knowing I would want to spend evenings reading about everything Christmas and I have really been enjoying it. It is always nice to read about other people’s family traditions, favourite baking recipes, and especially receiving tips from people who go all out during the holidays. It is inspiring, cozy and puts me in the festive mood.

Today being a busy but exciting day has left me feeling quite tired and I think I am going to end tonight with watching some Vlogmas videos and getting cozy under blankets. Hopefully my puppy will join.

See you tomorrow!

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