Day in My Life: Crafts and Reading

Happy Christmas Eve everyone









Today was one of those mornings where I woke up and felt like staying in clothes all day and just tucking up in a book and doing very little all day. I did do exactly that in the morning and am doing that now in the evening but during the afternoon I felt I did some pretty productive things.

It started with my friend coming over as she is now back from University and we ended up catching up and making handmade 3D snowflakes. They look so amazing and as if they were purchased, and are really easy to make. You can find instructions on how to make them online.


Last year I started a new tradition of taking wooden popsicle sticks and using a hot glue gun, I made wooden stars that I hung from the ceiling in our living room. It is honestly the main reason why I think our living room feels so cozy, besides the Christmas tree of course. Well this year I made them again and have now hung the snowflakes with them and it has just added to creating the perfect atmosphere. My favourite night in is wearing comfy warm clothes, sitting on the couch in the living room with the tree lights on and surrounded by the decorations, enjoying a Christmas movie (The Polar Express is currently on) and possibly enjoying some good snacks and hot chocolate. This is what makes home feel like home to me.

After our little craft session we ended up heading into Town, mostly because my friend needed to do some last minute shopping and of course I ended up buying things myself. I got the second book to the Mara Dyer trilogy which the first one had me completely hooked. If you want a dark, page turner that has you hooked from beginning to end, I would definitely recommend starting the Mara Dyer trilogy. It has death, love, humour and suspense all in one and there wasn’t one chapter where the pace slowed down. I am really excited to read the second book. I also went crazy over bookmarks and ended up buying five. One was illustrated with The Big Friendly Giant which is really cute.

I am going to end today with watching Christmas films, spending time with my family cozied up on the couch and grabbing take out from an Italian restaurant.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas when you wake up tomorrow morning. I hope you get what you asked for, create memories with family and friends and eat all your favourite foods on Christmas Day.

Good night.

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