Day in My Life: Little Bit of This and That

Hello everyone

Welcome back to another day in my life post. Let me know if you have been enjoying these so far. I really like doing them and having these to look back on, so I am hoping others enjoy reading them also.

Tonight it is really cold and damp for Bermuda and I just got a really warm, relaxing bath. I popped in one of Lush bath bombs and read while keeping toasty under the warm water. Now I am writing this post on my bed wearing a fluffy robe with my guinea pig chilling in a blanket beside me. Typical winter night for me.

Today I woke up and had a long lie in. I didn’t really start moving about until 10:30am and only because I had to leave the house is why I got ready. I think with the winter weather it is harder to get out of bed or out from warm blankets but I can’t use this as an excuse, otherwise it will end up being all winter long I was unproductive.

I had a really great lunch with my old boss who is more like a mother to me than an old boss and enjoyed a margarita pizza. It was a great opportunity while being off from work to catch up with her and we also exchanged Christmas gifts which was fun.

After, I ventured into Town and picked up a few things I needed including Guinea pig food and Vitamin C drops to put in the little guy’s water. I also picked up an address book because I am having a hard time remembering everyone birthdays and I think it will be nice to start writing down these dates, and people’s emails and contact numbers and have them all in one accessible place. Wow, really becoming an adult now. I also made a luxury purchase as I have been eyeing a ring from Pandora for a little while now and bought it today which I love. It is a silver tiara ring.

The rest of my afternoon I spent organizing my new 2018 planner and making a To-Do list for things that I want to complete before starting my new job in the New Year. I ordered sushi for dinner which I have been obsessing over lately. I always get a vegetarian roll but recently have been adding a seaweed salad to my order. I never use to like seaweed salad but now I feel like I don’t stop eating it. I think for the rest of the night I am going to relax until a little later when I am going to spend the night house sitting with one of my friends.

I am also going to work on a planning post for those of you who are interested in my New Year goals and how I am planning them.

Hope you all had a lovely day.


Bye for now.


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