How I Plan My 2018 Goals

Hi everyone

I wanted to embrace the New Year traditions, typical goal setting, new organization tips and becoming excited for new projects, habits and planning. Every year, normally in November or December I purchase a new planner and calendar for the coming year and get really excited about it. I have always loved stationary and the whole idea of pen to paper, planning and organizing myself to achieve whatever I want to achieve. It gives me such a satisfying feeling.

Today I am going to share with you my 2018 goals and how I have gone about planning and organizing myself in order to best achieve these goals and make 2018 a satisfying year.

Step 1: Decide on your goals.

I understand it is easy to choose a large number of things that you would love to achieve by the end of the year, however being realistic and thoughtful is the key to choosing a selection of goals that are truly meaningful to you and also achievable. Putting too much pressure on yourself from the start and choosing goals that are not really realistic may work for the first few months, but eventually you may lose focus or motivation and fall off track. Keeping things attainable and realistic will help to ensure you focus on these goals long term.

I also recommend really taking time out to think about what you want to achieve. Do not do this in a setting that can be distracting or have others affect your goal setting. Think about what would have made 2017 better? What haven’t you achieved but always have wanted to? If 2018 ended today what would you have achieved in order to have made it a satisfying year?


I have chose 2 goals this year.

  1. Feel Body confident
  2. Embrace positivity

I chose feel body confident with the main motivation being I want to be happy inside my body as a whole. I want to feel healthy and happy with how I treat my body, what I fuel myself with and know that I am doing what I can to be healthy. The second part to this is feeling confident on a daily basis with how I look. I want to work on areas that cause me insecurities and work my way to the point where I am confident and not letting any insecurities hold me back from living my life and doing whatever I want to be doing, either it be wearing a bikini diving off of a cliff or eating a pizza with my friends. Feeling confident as a whole and dealing with insecurities effectively will make for a satisfying 2018.

My second goal, embracing positivity, largely surrounds creating a happier life for myself. I want to engulf all aspects of my life with positive people, positive experiences and positive habits and choices. I want to cut out all things that cause negativity in my life completely out of my life and be able to look back on my life and myself and feel happy, motivated and strong. I will no longer stay around things that hold me back or pull me down.


Step 2: Choose your habits to grow.

I decided to go further than just choosing overall goals. How will I achieve these goals? What must I do to effectively equip myself in working towards these goals and making 2018 a great year?

I decided to write down any habits that I wanted to grow. Anything that made me feel like it would help make me a better person, become stronger in achieving confidence and positivity or any attributions that would make me more satisfied as a person and benefit my life.

My habits to grow:

  1. Take more initiative
  2. Embrace positivity and remove any negativity
  3. Stay consistent with things I want
  4. Disperse more positivity from within


Therefore these are things that I am going to practise more often and hopefully through repetition and determination, they will become natural ways of doing things. They in turn will help me achieve my goals. Imagine these as little tools to help reach the big picture and become a better person all around.


Step 3: Create your strategies.

Here I wrote specific things that I want to do in order to slowly get closer to reaching my goals. Almost like mini achievements that make my goals more attainable. Similar to habits, however more specific and tactical.


I have decided in order to work towards becoming more body confident, using my swell bottle will help make sure I am remaining hydrated, using pictures as a form of tracking progress can be motivating and making meal plans will help keep me on track and accountable.

Part of me feeling positive and creating a happy life is being productive and doing the things that mean a lot to me. Therefore using time increments as a tool to ensure I focus on tasks and effectively complete things I want to get done, will be a good motivator and an appropriate way to prioritize. For example, I can set an alarm for an hour solely to focus on studying, then take a break, then set a 30 minute alarm for blogging and so on. This can help me start ticking things off of my to-do lists and feel proud and happy, making it easier to be positive and focus on things I love.


Step 4: To-Do Lists.

This is my last step and a very important one. I am a lists type of person and I recommend making a to-do list whenever possible. A daily, weekly and/or monthly to-do list are always helpful to have everything that needs to be done visually in front of you and how satisfying is it to highlight or tick when something is completed?

I started a to-do list for things that contribute to my goals and overall are what I want to complete and begin working on.



I hope these steps help you. I used a notebook to organize my thoughts and create these goals and lists and then once everything was clear and organized, I transferred what I needed into my new planner.


I use the month spreadsheet for overall important dates and reminders, including work dates, birthdays and bill reminders. Then I go into the weekly spreadsheet and put in the days I want to workout, any tasks that I want to complete and important dates.

I also plan each month the movies and tv shows I want to watch and the books I want to read.


Let me know what you think of this post. I hope it has inspired you and got you thinking about your own methods of making 2018 a great year for all that you want to do.


See you soon.

2 thoughts on “How I Plan My 2018 Goals

  1. This may seem odd, but I felt that you really love your multi-colored pens as I read this and enjoyed how the photos brought out what you wanted to say. I loved that feeling of appreciation. I just got a diffuser with color-changing lights, and it reminded me of the same thing. I guess a 2018 mini-goal is appreciating the little things. 😊

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