Day in My Life: Vision Boards

Hey everyone

So it is officially the New Year. I hope my last post on goal setting and organizing your planner was helpful to you. It is only the second day of the year but I am enjoying my new methods of planning and keeping myself on top of my goals. I think learning along the way and if needed, adapting things to work more in my favour over time are going to be useful in maintaining my goals long term.

Today was my first day at my new job. I am a recruitment consultant for anyone interested and I would say it was a good first day and a start to a productive orientation week. Besides getting soaked from the bad weather to and from work, it was a pretty smooth day.

For those of you interested in a recruitment consultant position and what an orientation entails for this position; my first day consisted of meeting with the team, training for using the database (which will be a three day session), work shadowing some of my team members and listening in to meetings. I had a good lunch with my team and after work headed home to complete a checklist I created for myself.

I wanted to make a vision board and have inspirational pictures put up above my desk, and I had some pictures there already, however wanted to update them for the new year and have them more related to my new goals. I recommend this to anyone who find visual aids a helpful reminder or inspiration for whatever you may be working towards or simply wanting to make you smile.



I worked on these tonight and feel quite happy by them.

I get my images online, and choose between things I am enjoying such as an inspiring YouTuber or a recent book I have read, as well as images that create a setting that inspires me or gives me a cozy feeling. Pretty much, blankets, coffee, notebooks…you get the idea.

The rest of my night is going to be completely chilled. I am rewatching the TV show Misfits this month, so I will watch an episode of that and then head to sleep for another work day tomorrow. (Hopefully with better weather.)

I hope you all have had a lovely day.

See you soon.

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