Day in My Life: Workout and New Job

Today has definitely been one of those busy but really great type of days.

It was another day filled with different types of training and mostly beginning to wrap my head around the things I am reading, hearing and being taught. This is positive.

I do think however, I couldn’t have done today without those four cups of coffee in which I thoroughly enjoyed but knowing deep down, it probably wasn’t the healthiest choice to consume that much caffeine. I blame having a Nespresso machine in close walking distance within the office as the issue.

Overall I am thoroughly enjoying the job, and am so lucky to be in a culture as it is, surrounded by really great people and a managerial view where we are all just human and our wellbeing is a large focus within the company. Also I am learning a lot and it is only day two and I am beginning to understand, link things and make sense of them. Repetition and application will really start making an even larger difference in the right direction for my training and orientation.

The downside of today was it was another rainy, cold day, which in general doesn’t have to be a negative, however when your transportation to and from work is a bike, then it kind of sucks. I just can’t wait until I am out of the weather and in a warm shower and just keep hoping that I do not get sick.

Once home, I did a small workout within my room. I switched between cardio (jumping jacks and burpees) to ab strength training and lastly an arm workout using dumbbells. Quick but effective I think. My New Year goal to feel body confident, I have created mini goals to reach, which includes a workout every other day. So far I am liking the splitting up of workouts instead of working out everyday during the week.

Tonight I am going to catch up with some things I am wanting to do, like researching apartments, blogging and watching another episode of Misfits or reading more of my book.

See you soon.

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