A 2018 Update

I think one important strategy in order to stay on track with goals that we create is to have check in points or moments of reflection. How are we to stay motivated or view our progress if we don’t stop and take a moment to reflect on how we are doing?

So this is what I am going to use this post for:

Goal 1: Feel body confident

This goal was to do more things and create more habits that help me feel happy and confident within my own skin. 

I have been working towards this by doing a workout of any kind, every other day. I switch between a walk, run, spin class, yoga or strength training in my bedroom. I increase my workout intensity when I feel I should and try my best to make it a priority to workout every other day.

I have been taking progress pictures every so often to compare results over time and make any progress noticeable.

Daily I have been creating a meal plan, which has been keeping me on track with the amounts of food I eat, as well as keeping my meals balanced.

I have made more efforts to eat intuitively. Listening to my body when it is full, understanding what it needs, either it being I am actually thirsty and not hungry, or just a lack of protein in my diet.


Goal 2: Embrace Positivity. 

This goal was to focus on making my life more positive by removing negativity when I can and putting more effort into things that make me happy and are meaningful all in order to be satisfied with my life. 

I have distanced myself and removed any influence on my life from people who bring negativity or do not bring happiness and growth to my life. I knew there were people in my life who had an impact on how I felt a certain day and had control over my moods and there were people who didn’t value me the way I know I should be valued, and those people I have either removed from my life completely or have made a mental note to be aware and ignore when their negative influence is present. I no longer let people affect me. (Or am working towards that.)

I have made myself aware of what is important to me and that reaching my goals are my priority so I have made all my efforts towards reaching these goals and living a better life for me. I am more motivated, focused and determined than ever before and make sure that I stay on track in the right direction no matter what.

I am making my mental health a priority. I am trying to incorporate more yoga and meditation in my life, create positive habits and surround myself with positive things. I am focusing more on this balance between time I put into work and time I put for myself.


Areas that need a little more attention and effort…

  • The time that I take for myself I think needs to be more focused. Relaxing and watching a movie is not enough to feel equally balanced and does not dig down into working towards good mental health. I think I am going to start planning more mental health time where I meditate, do yoga and write down how I want to feel and how I actually feel and then reflect. Then I can relax and watch a movie 🙂


If this post has made you think about your goals, or life in general (I know not everyone makes New Year Goals), I encourage you to sit and reflect also. Are you doing all you can to be where you want to be? Are you happy doing what you are doing? Either it being work, your friend group, how you raise your family or spend your free time.

Maybe take 10 minutes to write your visions down and reflect if what you are doing is helping you get closer to these visions, and maybe you will notice or think about things you haven’t thought about before. Why not?


Hope you are having a great weekend. See you soon.

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