Current Favourite Series (Book)

Hi again

Im going to jump right into it. The Mara Dyer series is my number one recommendation if you are looking for a series that is dark, suspenseful, romantic and comedic. I began the first book, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer in December 2017 and just finished the second book, The Evolution of Mara Dyer this month and I have not once been disappointed.

The author, Michelle Hodkin has done a fantastic job in my opinion to never want to put the series down, to make my hair stand up on end and take a worried glance around my room, especially when reading in the late evenings. I really admire how one second I am following a love story and feel like I am moving steadily along in the book until the next second where I feel creeped out to the core and am turning pages quickly to find out what is happening next.

It is easy to understand and to keep up with all the characters and the story line. It touches upon mental illnesses and part of the setting is within a psychiatric ward.

Overall, if you haven’t read this series and are looking for a page-turner and something that you can feel engulfed, then read the Mara Dyer series.

If you have already read the series please share your opinions in the comment section.

I am definitely going to purchase the third book.


See you soon!

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