Busy Through Winter

We are at that stage where we have passed the winter Holidays and are almost at the home stretch to Spring, so what do we do until then besides trying to stay warm and binging Netflix?

Well here is what I have been doing:


 – Reading 2 – 3 books a month and shifting between Self Help books, good old Fiction, blog posts and articles.



– Being as I have just started a new career, I have a lot to do on the side in order for me to succeed. I have been keeping up to date with the News, reading helpful articles and blog posts.

– Creating spreadsheets and cheat sheets while learning about different industries, taking notes on local companies, job types and brainstorming how to improve through interviewing structures, CV types and market trends.

– Brainstorming ideas and planning for a program I am running through my company. 

– Studying for my exams 



– Planning blog ideas and new focuses for my blog, having my blog reflect how I feel and where I currently am in my life. Creating content that can help people. Positivity.

– Writing and creating blog posts


Health and Fitness

– Workout 4 times a week: Running, Spin classes, Yoga, HIIT workouts, meditate

– Keeping meal planning at the front of my mind, intuitive eating, remaining balanced.

– Write, journal, reflect, goal planning, mental health as my priority.


Adult Chores

– Keeping on top of responsibilities, I have a bike therefore keeping that clean, I have a guinea pig therefore cleaning his cage and keeping the little guy happy, I have a dog therefore taking him for walks and keeping this little guy happy also.

– Keeping my room as a space that is good for me mentally, organized and clean and making it my happy place. 

– Staying on top of other little responsibilities that come up but are not an all the time kind of thing, like updating my LinkedIn account and painting my nails.


There is always time to work towards our goals and live our best lives.

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