A Recruiter’s Perspective

Hi Readers

I mentioned briefly in my last blog post that in the New Year I started a new job. I have decided to use my new career and the skills I am learning to hopefully provide relevant and helpful advice to anyone seeking employment, career development, personal growth or miscellaneous topics related to my new career. Therefore, I am saying I am open to any questions, thoughts and comments that you may have and where I may be able to assist.

My new job is a recruiter. I work for the number one recruitment company in Bermuda where we deal with local and international business. My day consists of interviewing candidates, working with clients from CEO’s to interns and satisfying company needs by creating professional matches and working with new graduates providing diverse consulting advice.

Some of the clients that I work with and which you may be familiar with are:






I am planning to create posts that cater to a specific area such as CV writing tips, career development, etc.

If there are any topics you would like me to focus on, please leave suggestions in the comments.

By no way am I an expert, I am just wanting to use what I am actively learning to help others.

Talk soon!

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