A Day In My Life: Spring


Just want to point out this post is meant to be a part 2 of my last post, so if you want to see where this originated from, take some time to read my previous thoughts.

How I spent my Saturday;

Firstly I have been super excited and motivated to be outside as the weather has taken a positive turn bringing lots of sun, warmth and blue skies.

Since I had been housesitting for two weeks, this was my last morning at the house, so I woke up around 8am and did a quick clean, packed up my things and then drove back to my house. On the way home I got to see one of the cruise ships visiting the island maneuver away from the dock and begin its journey back out to sea, which was a first for me. I give props to all captains!

With being away from home for so long it was super nice to see my puppy, cat and guinea pig. I always miss them and I think my puppy really missed me too as he hasn’t left my side this entire weekend, not complaining!

I knew just by how I was feeling that I really needed this weekend to be about spending time outdoors in the fresh air and by the water, spend time with my family and rest, therefore I have been making sure I am doing all of just that. As soon as I got home, I changed into a bathing suit, packed a beach bag and went to a more quiet beach called Church Bay. It was really nice to get some colour back but also I got to watch a few people learn to scuba dive. It is definitely something I would like to try, I just worry about equalizing. Let me know if you scuba dive and struggle with painful ears from the water pressure, how you go about handling it!

After being at the beach for a few hours, I came back home and decided to buy a coffee and go for a drive along the length of the island, taking in the beautiful coastal views and blasting music. On the way back, I picked up my mom and puppy and we decided to take him for his first proper swim. He loved it! I also got to see the last little bit of a rowing race on the water, which was another first for me and pretty cool.

I do have to say, the best part of the day is on the drive, I spotted whales! Spent a good rest of the day parked and screeching every time I saw a spray or a splash from the whales playing just off the coast. For many of you who may not know this, whales have been my absolute favourite animal for majority of my life. I am actually obsessed and awed by them.

The day came to an end with a bbq with my family and a really good movie. Then lights out!

How did you spend your Saturday?


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